Thursday, September 11, 2014

ESPN Gridiron Challenge: Week 2 Roster

It was decent showing for week 1 in the ESPN Gridiron Challenge.  The roster this week is one I might just keep for the rest of the year.  What it lacks in kickers and defense, is more than made up at every other position.

Week 2 Value Options:
QBs: C. Palmer ($5.9)
RBs: A. Ellington ($3.5)
WRs: B. Cooks ($4.8)
TE: D. Walker ($5.0)
Def: Green Bay Packers ($3.9)

ESPN College Football Challenge: Week 3 Roster

It was yet another tough week for the ESPN College Football Challenge.  I have to stop second guessing myself, and roll with my gut on these guys.  Here's the roster for week three:

Alternate Week 3 Options
  • QBs: D. Prescott (MSU) and R. Cato (MRSH)
  • RBs: J. Conner (Pit) and A. Jones (UTEP)
  • WRs: D. Funchess (Mich.) and T. Dural (LSU)
  • K: Arizona Wildcats
  • Def: Alabama Crimson Tide

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Hungry's Week 1 NFL Picks

I wasn't going to write a piece this week, but after several requests via fan mail I decided to be generous since there is a complete lock on the card that cannot be overlooked... You WILL kick yourself for not picking the Pats - 3 today. Tom Brady has looked like Tom Brady thoughout the preseason, the offense and defense are  both twice as good as they were last year, and even Ron don't think the Dolphins got what it takes this year. Sew this thing up for everything you're worth and start the year 1-0. IT'S A WEEK 1 LOCKNESS MONSTER!!!!!

PATS - 3

Also the Chiefs - 3. No reason they don't cover this weak Sauce spread against this weak Sauce team #WS

Friday, September 5, 2014

ESPN College Football Challenge: Week 2 Roster

Rough first week of the college football challenge.  Not a lot to say other than it pretty much sucked. I missed getting it up in time for the Nevada game. Time to step things up.

Alternate Week 2 Options
  • QBs: K. Hill (TA&M) and R. Cato (MRSH)
  • RBs: P. James (RUT) and T. Greene (VMI)
  • WRs: D. Davis (UNLV) and J. Hardy (ECU)
  • K: Penn State
  • Def: Penn State and Florida Gators

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

ESPN College Football Challenge: Week 1 Strategy + Roster

Last year was my best ever College Football Challenge, finishing in the top 100. Here's a recap of my strategy that I used last year:
  • QBs: Dual threat QBs (Mariota) or Option QBs who might throw a TD here or there (C. Fajardo) . The rushing yards and TDs really add up, just ask Keenan Reynolds.
  • WRs/RBs: Find a top 20 player going against a bottom 20 rushing or passing defense.  Obviously more credit for a player if they are in a run or pass heavy offense.
  • K: High scoring offenses against weakest opponent (Typically an FCS team)
  • Def: Find the best team against the weakest opponent  (Typically an FCS team)

What you have to watch out for is when a game can get too out of hand in a first half.  There were instances last year when Baylor was crushing at halftime and the starters didn't see time in second half.

Week 1 Roster

Alternate Week 1 Options
  • QBs: Bryce Petty (BAY) and Taysom Hill (OD)
  • RBs: Jahwan Edwards (BALL) 
  • WRs: Deontay Granberry (HOU) and Justin Hardy (NCCU)
  • K: Oregon Ducks
  • Def: Oregon Ducks and Florida Gators

ESPN Gridiron Challenge: Week 1 Strategy + Roster

ESPN Gridiron Challenge Strategy: Find the best balance of players that you can start week in and week out without having to adjust your roster. I've often found that swapping players to find the best match ups tends to lead to missed points. Just find a roster with a lot of potential and stick with out.

Week 1 Roster

Week 1 Value Options:
QBs: Matt Ryan ($5.8)
RBs: Montee Ball ($5.4)
WRs: Victor Cruz ($5.4)
TE: D. Pitta ($5.0)
Def: New York Jets ($4.2)

Friday, June 6, 2014

2014 Belmont Stakes Picks: Top 5 & Long Shot

The Preakness was solid one as I had the Trifecta box with my top three picks. I keep picking against California Chrome and I'm going to do it again. As much as we all want to see a Triple Crown, I think the number of races and distance catches up to him. 

  1. Wicked Strong (9)
  2. California Chrome (2)
  3. Tonalist (11)
  4. Ride on Curlin (5)
  5. Commanding Curve (3)

Longshot: Samraat (7)