Saturday, September 10, 2011

CFB Week 1 Picks

Obviously this one is a little dated, but since I didn't start this blog until recently, I just wanted to put out the picks I made in week 1 for record keeping purposes.  I tweeted these picks via my personal account, @RobAKARon, so you can check the dates if you feel compelled to verify:

Here are the tweets:

  the play tonight is the over in the badgers game, don't mess with that line   (O/U 54.5)

     the plays tonight are TCU -3.5 and the TCU/Bay U 56 - thoughts?

    Sat 12pm pick - Ala/Kent O 47.5, Tide will get there themselves 

   Sat 3:30 - Houston -3 get it done at home with Case Keenum back at the helm 

   Sat 5pm - Stan -30 at home, this could get ugly for the Spartans 

   Sat 8pm - Definitely a trap with OK -24.5, but I'm thinking 49-17 

   Sat 8pm - Over 54.5 Ducks/Tigers, this one will be a track meet

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