Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Alert for Week 4

Where's Yogi Berra when you need him, it's deja vu all over again. Another week passes and we have yet another fresh batch of injuries served up.  Kenny Britt, thanks for playing this season, sorry to see you go, please stay out of trouble while rehabbing.  Mike Vick, you're supposed to be proving your critics wrong who say you're too fragile, what's the deal?! Frank Gore, shame on me, you fooled me at least three or four times because I really believed you might make it a full season.  Outlook not so good.  Antonio Gates, the foot again? Seriously? How do you not play with it in a special Kevlar Nike shoe at this point?
  • RBs: K. Hunter (Frank Gore appears ready to break down again, it's only a matter of time.) S. Ridley (Don't go overboard with this one as the Pats clearly are a pass first offense and the Law Firm is the head of the committee.  However, he had a decent showing last week, averaging 6.3 yards/carry on 7 carries in an increased role in the offense)  
  • WRs: T. Smith (Flacco looked to him early an often which resulted in 152 yards and 3 TDs.  While this isn't typical style for the Ravens offense, he could shape up to be decent flex-play if needed.) N. Washington (He gets a huge boost from Britt's injury and will no doubt lead the team in targets and receptions each week until CJ2K gets his act together.)
  • QBs: M. Kafka (If Vick can't go Kafka will get the start. While he has yet to really prove himself, he does have a full arsenal at his disposal that can create TDs.)
  • TEs:  R. McMichael (Keep an eye on Gates status. Randy had 51 yards on 4 catches and 5 targets.) J. Casey (Schaub was really looking his TEs on Sunday as they accounted for 45% of his targets.  Casey turned 7 targets into 5 catches for 126 yards and a TD.  Daniels will be the #1 TE, but we've seen Brady prove multiple TEs can have success weekly.)
  • K: J. Hanson (He plays on a team that can score, plays half its game in a dome, and he has been so consistent this is his 20th year with the Lions.)
  • Def: N/A

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