Saturday, September 17, 2011

NFL Week 2 Picks

It was a solid 5-3 start in the NFL last week.  Lots of points were scored and the dogs came to play.  With only one week of information to go on, time to find some value in week 2 and grab some winners.

Seattle at Pittsburgh (-14, 40)
The Quick Zip:

  • Pittsburgh is still considered to be one of the favorites to win the Super Bowl.  Going on the road to Baltimore in week 1 would've been trouble for any team.
  • Seattle is playing it's second game on the road in as many weeks, and Heinz Field is about as tough an environment as they come. Tavaris was good for three turnovers against the 49ers, so I expect to see Charlie Whitehurst before the game is over.
The Pick: Pittsburgh -14

Green Bay at Carolina (+10, 44.5)
The Quick Zip:
  • The Packers arguably have the most dangerous offense, and are liable to score every time they touch the ball.  The Cardinals dropped near 400 yards of total offense in their W versus the Panthers.
  • On the flip side, even the most seasoned quarterbacks have trouble with Green Bay's defense.  Cam will come back to Earth and become very familiar with the sight of Clay Matthews flying at him.
The Pick: Green Bay -10

Dallas at San Francisco (+3, 41.5)
The Quick Zip:
  • Make no doubt about it, Romo and the Cowboys can move the football on offense.  Against the mighty Jets defense on week 1, Romo threw for 326 yards.  Imagine what's possible versus a defense that allowed Tavaris Jackson to toss for almost 200 yards and 2 TDs...
  • The 49ers offense looked anemic against a sub-par Seahawks defense accumulating only 209 yards of total offense.  Unfortunately San Fran can't punt to Ted Ginn Jr. themselves, or else they might have a chance of keeping up.
The Pick: Dallas -3

Oakland at Buffalo (-4, 42.5)
The Quick Zip:
  • The Bills got ahead of the Chiefs so quickly that Matt Cassel had to abandon the running game very early on.  Make no mistake though, this is still a very similar Bills defense that was the worst in the league last year.  The Raiders and Run DMC racked up nearly 200 yards in week 1.
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick put on a decent show against the Chiefs with 4 TDs before giving way to the ground game. Orton had a solid 304 yards trying to play catch-up to the Raiders in week 1.
I expect these two teams to trade scores early on, but then Jason Campbell ultimately gives the game away when he'd forced into passing situations to make the come back.

Predicted Score: Buffalo wins 35 - 24
The Picks: Buffalo -4, O 42.5

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