Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Alert for Week 7

Carson Palmer is back and he'll be wearing the black and silver of the Raiders.  The Bengals are the ones who made out like bandits in this deal, as they could potentially receive two first draft picks.  With Andy Dalton and A.J. Green clicking and the Cincy defense coming into its own, these future picks will build on a strong foundation.
Overall there aren't a lot of emerging players out there, so this week's list is slim pickings...

  • RBs: J. Battle (He was here last week, but since he was on a bye, you and many others in your league may have passed him over.) D. Murray (Felix is out for a few weeks, and Choice didn't look like he wanted to claim the starting gig.  Murray has a lot of talent and should be pretty involved in the offense.)
  • WRs: D. Thomas and E. Royal (With the departure of Lloyd from the receiving corp, we know Decker will be the number one.  However, that leaves some room for both of these guys to step up.  Royal has been consistent over his career, but Thomas has a lot of upside.)
  • QBs: C. Palmer (He won't win you a league championship, but is someone who will manage a bye week for you. It's worth noting that the Raiders lead the league in rushes with 190, 31.7 per game.) J. Beck (He took over for Grossman, and has potential as a bye week manager.  Unlikely he's going to wow anyone this season.)
  • TEs:  J. Ballard (He's had a few productive weeks recently, and since he has a bye this week, you might be able to grab him as a late week Free Agent.)
  • K: N/A
  • Def: N/A

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