Monday, November 7, 2011

Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Alert for Week 10

It's yet another slow week on the wire.  Right now other than Dallas' WR Robinson, there isn't anyone I'd recommend reaching for unless you're in dire straits with bye weeks and injuries.  This week with Miles Austin it's deja vu all over again, again.  Austin and Andre Johnson must have the softest hamstrings ever.  I can't remember the last time we lost so many big name receivers to such an injury.  Not sure how you can prevent it, but there has to be something you could stretch for a little bit longer in pre-game.  If you've been following along since the beginning, you know I put a lot of stock in the Romo/Austin combo, so yes I'm a little frustrated.  
  • RBs: D. Brown (He handled the bulk of the carries in a rout courtesy of the Falcons.  This would be a desperate move if you're absolutely in need of someone as Addai and Carter will continue to be in the mix.) C. Ivory (If Ingram is still hurt it appears they're going to let Ivory handle the load.  He led the team with 15 carries on Sunday.)
  • WRs: L. Robinson (If he's still available after last week, he's a must add with Austin's injury.) D. Moore (He seemed to be Palmer's go-to guy as he racked up a team high 12 targets.  If Oakland is going to be playing from behind, they'll have to resort to Palmer's arm.)
  • QBs: N/A
  • TEs:  H. Miller (As I noted last week, Ben is looking for him these days as he ended with five catches on six targets.) J. Ballard (It's likely he's still out there and and has become quite the safety valve for Manning.)
  • K: N/A
  • Def: N/A

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