Monday, November 14, 2011

Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Alert for Week 11

Injuries. Injuries. Injuries. Has there ever been a more broken record season when it comes to injuries? Matt Schaub is gone. Matt Cassel is done.  Mike Vick has more broken ribs.  Jeremy Maclin and Julio Jones have the WR hammy bug.  Denver lost Moreno for the season and possibly McGahee this week.  If you own any of these players, and it's likely you at least have one, it's time to figure where you'll be able to pick up the slack...
  • RBs: L. Ball (Moreno is done for the season, McGahee is banged up, and the Broncos game plan calls for about 100 rushes per game.)
  • WRs: H. Douglas (Julio Jones went down with his bad hammy again, and Harry stepped up with 8 catches for 133 yards.  It's never clear if Falcons will be a running or passing team, but he showed he can step up.) V. Brown (This is the other Vincent in San Diego, and has become a favorite of Rivers'.  Over the past two games he's racked up 9 catches for almost 200 yards and 1 TD.) S. Smith (With Maclin injured and DJax not making big plays, the Eagles will need someone to pump some life into them.  Possibly a new QB at the helm, so this offense could go any new direction, I say why not Steve's way?)
  • QBs: M. Leinart (Not because he's had an amazing career, but because he has a lot of talent around him. With Johnson coming back this week, it should be familiar for Leinart since he had Fitz for a couple of years.)
  • TEs:  N/A
  • K: N/A
  • Def: N/A

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