Tuesday, November 22, 2011

#HAILSTATE - The Endzone Hashtag is Born

Mashable reported a story that Mississippi State has painted the hashtag #HAILSTATE in their endzone for this weekend's rivalry game with Ole Miss.  It's apparently the first time this will be done in such a fashion and I think it only speaks to the shift in culture and how ingrained social media has already become in it.  This is a great way to funnel the conversation and further engage those at the game and at home.  It's only a matter of time before the platform is leveraged to roll out in-game sweeps, contests or have fan tweets scrolling at the stadiums.  Mark Cuban is quoted in the article praising the idea, saying he could see the Mavs and other teams doing it.  Given the state of the NBA, we won't hold our breath and hopefully some college hoops teams will step up and fill the void. 

Tune in to the game and conversation this weekend, the game kicks off at 7pm ET on ESPNU.

In a similar event, Mashable notes that a Mexican soccer league team replaced players names with their Twitter handles.  It would have been a great fit for the XFL, but could still work with something like the Lingerie Football League.

via Mashable

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