Saturday, January 7, 2012

ESPN Gridiron Playoff Challenge - Wild Card Weekend

If you're playing ESPN's Gridiron Playoff Challenge, here's my roster if you're interested
  • QBs: Brees and Stafford - Shootout in New Orleans
  • RBs: Redman and Turner - With Mendenhall out, Redman allows good value to stack other positions
  • WRs: C. Johnson and Cruz - Arguably the top receivers in the NFL and both go-to guys in crunch time
  • TE: Graham - Only one TE better than him all year (Gronk), but he's not playing this week
  • K: Suisham - Cheap, but could still get solid points in Mile High
  • Def: NYG - I think they come to life for a solid playoff run

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