Tuesday, August 21, 2012

2012 Fantasy Football: Draft 3 Results

League 3: ESPN, 10 team, 5th draft position

5 T. Brady, 16 J. Graham, 25 S. Jackson, 36 M. Turner, 45 B. Lloyd, 56 B. Green-Ellis, 65 S. Johnson, 76 P. Garcon, 85 D. Martin, 96 P. Hillis, 105 F. Davis, 116 T. Young. 125 J. Cook, 136 G. Hartley, 145 NYJ, 156 C. Palmer


  • Rolled with a top QB again.
  • Quite a few repeat appearances: Turner, Jackson, Martin, Hillis, Garcon, Gree-Ellis, Graham, and Young.
  • I'm personally a little skeptical on Llyod and that there will be enough balls to go around.  The whole (McDaniels + Lloyd) + (McDaniels + Brady) = Monster Lloyd Season, seems almost too good/obvious to be true. That said, I didn't want to miss the opportunity in all of my leagues in the event that I'm wrong.
  • Given the ESPN Flex position offers the opportunity for a TE to be slotted, I believe there's a good chance either Davis or Cook has a season competitive with a strong WR.  Both have young QBs who can keep a play alive and might be looking for a safety valve more often than not.

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