Saturday, August 18, 2012

2012 Fantasy Football: Early Draft Results

I just drafted two leagues in the past 24hrs, so wanted to share the results. Here are my picks in order:

League 1: ESPN, 10 team, 7th draft position
7 D. Brees, 14 J. Graham, 27 S. Jackson, 34 J. Nelson, 47 A. Bradshaw, 54 P. Harvin, 67 S. Greene, 74 P. Garcon, 87 D. Martin, 94 D. Brown, 107 B. Pettigrew, 114 R. Wayne, 127 M. Williams (TB), 134 D. Akers, 147 Packers, 154 M. Cassel

League 2: Yahoo!, 10 teams, 9th draft position
9 C. Johnson (RB), 12 M Stafford, 29 M. Turner, 32 W. Welker, 49 P. Harvin, 52 B. Green-Ellis, 69 R. Wayne, 72 P. Garcon, 89 S. Greene, 92 P. Hillis, 109 B. Pettigrew, 112 T. Young, 129 NYJ, 132 D. Bailey, 149 J. Cook

Some quick observations:

  • For many years I always took a top flight QB early and had success.  Last year I changed that up a little and paid the price.  This year I have gone back to the QB formula with Brees and Stafford, so far.
  • There are five of the same players on both teams: Harvin, Greene, Pettigrew, Wayne and Garcon. I liked Greene going into last year and was disappointed, but I think there's still value in him as a later round pick.  Wayne is really the only player who had drastically different draft positions (69/114), which I believe was really just driven by the flow of the draft and other players available at the time.
  • I'll sometimes go a little early (rds. 10-12) on a K or Def if there isn't anyone else I'm super excited about and feel there's strong upside.  However, in both of these drafts there was a relatively early run on both, so I just waited until the end to scoop them up.

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