Wednesday, September 12, 2012

ESPN Gridiron Challenge: Week 2 Roster

Not a great week, but it's a start.  The key here is building value over the long haul of the season.  You might try to maximize points each week by getting the best match-up, but you'll no doubt have to sacrifice a player who's built up strong value.  No changes to the lineup this week as I still believe in all of these guys.  Cruz is the major wild card and I'm going to roll that dice on holding him, but if his case of the drops continues, I might have to cut bait.  

  • QBs: T. Brady and A. Rodgers 
  • RBs: R. Rice and A. Foster 
  • WRs: C. Johnson and V. Cruz 
  • TE: J. Graham 
  • K: R. Succop
  • Def: Vikings

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