Thursday, September 13, 2012

ESPN Pigskin Pick'em Week 2 NFL Picks ATS

10-6 was a pretty solid start to the year, and if I didn't second guess myself on Washington... #WouldaShouldaCoulda  As a reminder, all of my spreads come from ESPN on their Pigskin Pick'em game for the sake of consistency throughout the year.

Bears +5.5 - In their first meeting last year Forte had 2 yards rushing.  In the second game, Josh McCown was the Chicago QB and the Bears still managed 21 points.  Chicago's offense has improved, Green Bay gave up 186 yards on the ground to the 49ers last week.  Packers will get the W, but I think it's only a 3 or 4 point game when it's all said and done.

Buffalo -3.5 : Buffalo's D can't be that bad, and the offense will find a rhythm
Cincinnati -6.5 : Cleveland can't score, period.
Minnesota -1.5 : Still a learning curve for Luck, as Peterson and Harvin will set tempo
Oakland -2.5 : Miami just won't have it together yet, and Raiders will recover from the special teams' nightmare
New England -13.5 : It looks big, but Cards won't be able to keep pace
Tampa Bay +7.5 : Likely the biggest gamble, but there might be something to this Bucs team
Baltimore +2.5 : Hmm, trap? Maybe.  I'll bite.
New Orleans -2.5 : Big bounce back game, as Saints are still the team to beat in the South
Houston -7.5 : Even though Jags can be pretty stingy on D sometimes, Texans looked too good
St. Louis +3.5 : Rams D is better than Saints, and I think this will be closer than people expect
Seattle +3.5 : Seattle is a tough place to win, just ask Tony Romo
Pittsburgh -6.5 : Jets will have a let down, and Steelers will bounce back in a big way
San Diego -6.5 : Titans looked in disarray against the Pats D, which isn't exactly top tier
Detroit +6.5 : San Fran might get caught in a let down here as Lions push for revenge
Denver +3.5 : Broncos D is wayyyyyyy better than what KC put on the field, so I expect Peyton to pull it out

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