Friday, September 28, 2012

ESPN Pigskin Pick'em Week 4 NFL Picks ATS

Updated my NE/BUF and NYG/PHI picks today...

Insanely brutal 4-12 last week after a strong first two weeks.  No where to go, but up from there, and already had a good start with the Thursday night game.  I'm feelin' it this week...

Browns +12.5 (I tweeted this one out last night.)
Panthers +7.5
Bills +3.5
Lions -6.5
Chargers -.5
Rams +2.5
Jets +3.5
Titans +12.5
Broncos -6.5
Cardinals -6.5
Bengals -1.5
Saints +7.5
Buccaneers -2.5
Eagles -2.5
Cowboys -2.5

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