Friday, September 7, 2012

Hungry's Week 1 NFL Picks

Quick Zip Sports welcomes the Hungry Guy as a new contributor to the site.  He should add a little extra flavor with his picks and commentary. 

Hut, Hut, HUNGRY!
Welcome to the Hungry Hunker down – Week 1. I’ve received a ton of fan mail this week from a lot of people wondering what to expect from their favorite team out of the gates. No, actually I haven’t and it’s a short holiday week, so let’s get right to the picks.
Pats (-5.5): First things first: They don’t call me the NFL LOCKness Monster for nothing. I usually like to stay away from the Pats week 1, but I just cannot imagine them not exposing (basically) rookie Jake Locker. A couple of turnovers and this game is over. Pats by a baker’s dozen prolly
Vikings/Jaguars Under (40): This week’s “come ON / no WAY” game of the week. It’s pretty simple. I don’t see either of these teams scoring more than 20 points. I mean, come ON. No WAY
Panthers (-2.5): I don’t believe in Josh Freeman and Killa Cam should be able to put up points in the high 20’s. If there is a risk here it’s that the Tampa running game will slow the game down. We will see how Doug Martin pans out as the starter, but I’m surprised he beat out Blount for the #1 spot. Carolina should be explosive enough to overcome the slower pace and force Josh to pass. Carolina will win big and we will have to listen to all of the "Cam Newton is the next Tom Brady" crap until the Panthers come back down to Earth and start losing again.
Dolphins/Texans Under (42.5): My goodness did anyone watch Hard Knocks? These idiots will be lucky to put up 10 points on “Any Given Sunday”. And against the Texans? FORGET ABOUT IT. Wade Phillips as defensive coordinator in year 2 will probably (well, maybe) be even better. Look for them the blitz the SUCK out of Ryan Tannehill, who probably don’t know what division or conference he is playing against. YEAH I SAID IT
Weekly Parlay:  Steelers (+1) and Under (44.5). I might not get all of these correct (umm, yes I will) but I am going to put one out every week because chicks dig a parlay winner. This thing is going under bros. Let’s go ahead and assume that Peyton is going to need a week or two to settle in. The Steelers are going to win this game for sure, which almost makes me want to make that a separate pick of its own, but hey I’m greedy. They’re both going to hit. Steelers and the under.

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