Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hungry's Week 2 NFL Picks

Hungry's week 2 picks are out and he loves the chalk...

Record: 2-2 ATS 0-1 Parlays

Are you kidding me?!? 18 Seconds left in the Jaguars/Vikings game, Vikings up 5 pts and..
1st and 10 at MIN 39
(Shotgun) B.Gabbert pass deep right to C.Shorts for 39 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
WOW – lots of fan mail about that one. How is the Vikings D in anything but their prevent D?!? There goes the under. Also, I definitely didn’t see the entire Carolina offense coming out like they did. I mean, I guess .8 yards per rush for the Panthers is pretty normal… Throw in 2 picks and 3 sacks by Cam and there goes the game. Whatever. Carolina stinks until further notice.

Anyway, onward and upward. Week 2 has a couple of spreads that are flat out weird. Time to pick a winner.
Dallas -3: This is the LOCKness Monster of the week! If Mr. QuickZip let me assign amounts or weights to my picks I would put this one at double time. Dallas looked pretty dang good in the opener and Seattle flat out stinks.  This game is so obvious that QuickZip CEO would probably say... .
If the Dallas defense can perform half as well as they did in NY for the opener then they will absolutely shut Russell Wilson down. Russell is not ready for prime time. Just ask @shinbo769, he’ll tell ya…

Saints -2.5: Another Lock City Central. The Saints obviously looked bad last week. However, They still put up 32 points and 370 passing yards, which is pretty good considering they had 3 turn-over’s (2 picks and 1 lost fumble) and lost the Time of Possession battle 40 to 20(!!). They are going to flat out stomp all over the Panthers, which will feel even better since the Panthers screwed me last week.

Packers -6: The Packers looked like crap last week, and partly because San Fran looked like a power house. I would think the Packers will be back in form next week against the Bears. Andrew Luck threw for over 300 yards against the Bears and the Colts overall averaged over 4 yards per carry. Actually, that game could have been a lot different if Vinatieri didn’t miss a 37 yard FG to end the first half.   The Packers will put up UNITS on the Bears.

Oakland -2.5: Oakland kind of got screwed last week because of the botched punts. They should be able to squeak out a victory against the mighty Fin this week. Miami was as terrible as everyone expected and I would like to think that Oakland will be extra motivated not to let stupid mistakes get in the way of another victory. I’m not sure why Carson waited until the 4th quarter to score a touchdown against SD, but he should have an easier time “getting it in” on Sunday.

Cincinnati -7: The Browns didn’t score any touchdowns on offense in week 1. Grandfather Weeden’s box score isn’t even funny:

Obviously Cincinnati had a tough go against the Ravens last week, but they ran the ball well and the blow out didn’t actually begin until 1 minute left in the 3rd quarter when Andy Dalton threw that pick-6

Weekly Wet Panty Parlay: Texans -7 and the Over 41.5: Do I really have to explain this? Houston might put up 40 on their own. Let’s hope Jacksonville can contribute too. 

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