Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hungry's Week 3 NFL Picks

Last Week 1-3-1. Parlay 0-1
YTD 3-5-1, 0-2 Parlays

Well, well, well. Not quite the week I was expecting, to be sure. Still sorting through all the fan mail this week, but give me a break! For the first time in the history of the NFL there are 20 teams that are 1-1. Both the Saints and the Cowboys were doomed from the start when each team turned the ball over for a TD within 5 minutes of the start. Also, Carolina’s Offense decided to show up during the WRONG week. Just remember: Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Packers -3: I don’t know how else to say it. The Packers are going eat Seattle’s d*cks off for breakfast lunch and dinner.  Dallas played absolutely terrible football last Sunday and yes, the Seahawks capitalized (Dallas is going nowhere once again this year apparently). That game was a fluke. Anyway, this will be the first week Seattle plays against a real offense and the Packers will not go down 1-2 because of Russell Wilson. That’s just a fact. Plus, Seattle’s defense has to be overconfident right now. 3 points is not a lot to ask for and I am even going to ask nicely: PLEASE, Packers just come to play for goodness sake.

NYG +2.5 (spread corrected from original post): This game is weird so most chicks will probably stay away. Remember what I said about revenge being a dish best served cold? Well, this game is frozen.….? Anyway, Carolina sucked me by coming out and scoring 10 in Week 1, then turning out 35 against the Saints in their home opener. Look for this game to be somewhere in between, but the Giants will ultimately win. G-Men put up 41 points against Tampa Bay despite the fact that Eli threw 3 picks. Yes, I know Tampa Bay threw 2, but the second one came at the end of the game which resulted in no points. Bottom line, the Giants are going to win this game. #AintAskin

Pittsburgh -4: Let’s face it: This is a touchdown-or-two match. Big Ben prolly got his rape game tightened up since week 1 - looked great against the Jets - and will score at least 24 against Oakland. Oakland will not score more than 17. I actually don’t even think that’s possible for them. Like a lot of the other match-ups this week each team has had their moments of stink, but Oakland’s came against the freaking Dolphins and Pittsburgh’s only real problem is they haven’t been able to run the ball this year. Ben is back and they won’t need to run this week.

Detroit -3.5: Tennessee stinks and will not be able to keep up with the mid to high 20’s that the Lions are going to bring. Actually, I will say that Tennessee is probably not as bad as the 11.5 ppg that they are playing now, but I still say the Lions have way too much going for them and will win by 7. Who knows – maybe even a baker’s.

WWPP St. Lous +7.5 and the Over: Sam Bradford is having a really good year. Chicago basically stinks and hopefully Cutler will continue to implode. 

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