Tuesday, October 23, 2012

ESPN Gridiron Challenge: Week 8 Roster

This will be a brutal week as both Rice and Foster have byes.  Given their value has risen a combined $3.6 since week 1 it would be impossible to realign the roster and replace their consistency. Even with Graham injured, I'm not ready to bail on him just yet given the weaker replacement options.
  • QBs: T. Brady and A. Rodgers 
  • RBs: R. Rice and A. Foster 
  • WRs: C. Johnson and V. Cruz
  • TE: J. Graham
  • K: M. Crosby
  • Def: Browns

Week 8 Value Options:
  • QBs: S. Bradford ($5.5) Even Sanchez got 17pts against the Pats last week
  • RBs: R. Jennings ($5.0) Starting in place of MJD and the Pack can give up yards
  • WRs: B. Hartline ($5.3) He's due for another big game
  • TE: M. Bennett ($5.2) I think he comes alive in Dallas
  • K: R. Succop ($3.5) Chiefs should be in good position at home against Raiders weak D
  • Def: Vikings ($4.9) Still a good value playing at home

Last Weeks's Value Options:
  • QBs: J Freeman (28 pts)
  • RBs: A. Bradshaw (12 pts)
  • WRs: M. Colston (13 pts)
  • TE: A Hernandez (5 pts)
  • K: M. Crosby (12 pts)
  • Def: Vikings (20 pts)

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