Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hungry's Week 6 NFL Picks

Total 6-6-1

WWPP: 1-2

So, obviously the NFL LOCKness Monster is back in a big way and now that it is week 6 I think it’s safe to assume that there will be no turning back, no prisoners and no bear traps.

New England -3: This is just about as close as it gets to being an NFL LOCKness Monster. Look, I’ll tell you what. My readers have been loyal, so I’m going to level with you: Seattle isn’t GOOD! Wow - they beat Dallas and Green Bay. Dallas stinks and Green Bay can’t win on the road so...
The Pats are back and there is just no way they aren’t going to win this game. 3 points is NOT a lot to ask for so it shouldn’t be a problem. LOCK IT

Cincinnati -1: Cincinnati obviously played terribly last week against Miami which is basically because Andy Dalton had a bad game (26/43 with 2 picks) but they’d have to not even show up to lose this game. I mean, how pathetic are the Browns? Cincinnati is usually good for a few points on the board and they should have no problem getting there against the Browns who rank toward the bottom of every defensive category. Mark my words: This thing has COVER written all over it.

Minnesota +2.5: Can someone please explain to me why the Redskins are favored in this game? Oh, probably because game is at Washington right? Please. Just stop. Washington is prolly going to lose. The Vikings are actually looking like they got a squad this year. If they can win at Detroit then they should be able to win at Washington. If you’re scared go to church cuz there isn’t anything else good on the card.

WWPP: New England and Cincinnati. It can’t miss. Just ask @copalotofpicks

BONUS ROUND: Parlay The Colts ML with the Vikings ML. Two dogs that shouldn't be.

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