Friday, October 19, 2012

Hungry's Week 7 NFL Picks

I had an entire rant/explanation/theory pertaining to what happened last week all typed up, but I decided to delete it after the CEO of Zip RON(!) chewed me a new one about “just getting it done” and “this is the big leagues now, bro” and “I am a marble”… So, 0-3 last week but it’s not a big deal because after looking at this week I might not ever miss another pick again.

Overall 6-9-1 (ouch)

Green Bay -3: Did the Packers score 42 last week? YES Is the Pack back? MAYBE Can St. Louis keep up either way? NO Have they even scored more than 20 since Sept 16? NO Am I sick of losing on small spread road favorites? Yes Will the Packers let me down like they did in Seattle? THEY BETTER NOT

New Orleans -2: Some of the same thought process from above applies here. Maybe New Orleans just needed that 1st win to remember how it’s done? I mean I doubt it, but I still say they can beat Tampa. If this game turns into a shoot out, which is very well might, then N.O. will come out on top. If it don’t, N.O. will crush.

New York Giants -6: The G-Men need to start winning division games. I am guessing that is the theme around this week in NY. The Redskins seem to be able to score, but the Giants are the more complete team and they seem to have more at stake here. So, they’ll prolly win by 5. Might as well SMACK

Pittsburgh/Cincinnati Over 45: Over. WAY OVER!!!!!!! 

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