Friday, October 26, 2012

Hungry's Week 8 NFL Picks

Well well well, if it isn’t week 8. Week 8 is the week that I turn this thing around. Ain’t Askin


San Diego -3: Easily the most obvious play on the card. The line is low because of the controversy in SD (they are cheating again) and they played terribly last week. But have we not forgotten about the Browns?!? THEY SUCK! The only time they do anything good is when put them on blast against Cincinnati. That won’t happen again. I guaranSUCKINGtee it. Lock and load this thing before reading on cuz before you know it this line will be 3.5 and you will prolly be too scared to play it even though they’re gonna win by a baker’s D!!!

New Orleans +6: Remember when I said last week that N.O. is back and all they prolly needed was that first win? Well obviously I was right I mean I don’t remember askin. These guys can SCORE and they will definitely keep this one close. They might even win. Let me guess “OMG Denver had a bye week last week and they are going to be super ready for N.O. when they come to town OMG I’m so scared I forgot to laugh”.  Give me a break, this is the big leagues. Sew it up like a sewing machine.

New England OVER 47: This is laughable. Does anyone seriously think Tommy Touchdown isn’t going to put up 47 points in London? Imagine this was for both teams… wait a minute! IT IS!! The Pats might give up 47 on their own too!!! So, In the words of Tyga – Lock City B*tch Lock Lock CITY

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