Wednesday, November 14, 2012

ESPN Gridiron Challenge: Week 11 Roster

After this week all of the byes will have cleared, and the points will start to rack up...
  • QBs: T. Brady and A. Rodgers 
  • RBs: R. Rice and A. Foster 
  • WRs: C. Johnson and V. Cruz
  • TE: J. Graham
  • K: M. Crosby
  • Def: Browns

Week 11 Value Options:
  • QBs: N. Foles ($5.0) Vick out, and Redskins D can give it up
  • RBs: M. Leshoure ($5.8) Going to stay here against Packers at home
  • WRs: B. Hartline ($5.6)  Still good value and Buffalo doesn't have much to stop the passing game
  • TE: S. Chandler ($5.3) Will be trading scores with Miami
  • K: N. Folk ($3.5) Jets best chance for points...
  • Def: Bengals ($4.4) Any team against the Chiefs seems like a good idea right now

Last Weeks's Value Options:
  • QBs: P. Rivers ($5.7) 25pts
  • RBs: M. Leshoure ($5.8) 4pts
  • WRs: B. Hartline ($5.5)  7pts
  • TE: S. Chandler ($4.9) 12pts
  • K: J. Scobee ($3.8) 4pts
  • Def: Steelers ($4.7) 13pts

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