Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hungry's Week 10 NFL Picks

Wow I really appreciate all the FAN MAIL from last week after going THREE AND 0! hahahahah!! How exciting. “The Hungry Guy Eats” - @mickdogg06 … “I always knew you’d save The Zip from Chapter 7” - @shinbo769 … “I need a drink cuz I am a no good alcoholic with a dark soul” - @copalotofpicks

The other good news is that this week is even easier. Now, I know there’s lots of chatter going around about this week being a tough card and all. And to be honest I can understand where that is coming from since there are apparently more than 60,664,801 imbeciles out there... So come on, allow me to coach you through this week:


Colts -3: Whatta you say we all jump out to a nice early lead this week? Mr. Luck is playing well and Jacksonville don’t even got a QB. Jacksonville ranks 32nd in the league in pass defense which means Andy Man should have an easy time continuing his success. Anyway, I’m pretty sure Jacksonville has completely given up on their season. 

Pats 1H -7: WOOOAAAHHHH the “Hungry Guy Takes a First Half”!!!
Pats are coming off a bye week and are playing a terrible Buffalo team. They WILL NOT come out the same way they did the first time they played Buffalo. In fact,I guaranteeSUCKINGtee they come out firing and will be winning by more than a tuddy by the first half. This leads me to my next pick:

Pats -11: OOOOOHHHH!!! Doubling down on this game. Like I said: BUFFALO. STINKS! When the Pats get a lead this Sunday they shouldn’t have a problem keeping it against the Bills who can’t defend the run. Lock and load, gentlemen.

Broncos-3.5: The Panthers did us all a favor by winning last week because it kept this line manageable. Like I said last week, Denver is starting to look scary. But I mean, maybe Carolina is ready to go on a roll after their big win last week??? No!! The Peyton’s will not have a letdown this week against Carolina.

Giants -4: Sometimes you just need to kick a Cincinnati Bengals team while they’re down. What better way for the Giants to get back on track than a trip to Paul Brown Stadium? Cincinnati might hang around for a while, but they will lose by more than 4. On the other hand, this one might not even be close… ;-)

WWPP: Let us all welcome back the WWPP!!! This week pair the Boncos and the Giants. They are basically the same game. Pair them now.

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