Thursday, November 22, 2012

Hungry's Week 12 NFL Picks


"I worked up this morning, and felt my winner"
Well I wanted the day off to spend time with my family and give thanks for my God given skill to pick a winner at will, but hey QuickZipSports was ranked last in employee satisfaction for 3 years and counting, they're desperate for revenue, I am the MVW (Most Valuable Professional Sports Writer) and I GOT LOCKS! So here I am. I also think it's kind of funny how I picked for a perfect 3-0 last week HAHAHAHAHAHA I mean we all knew it was coming. It's also kind of funny how I have 3 LOCKS on Thanksgiving alone this week. I mean am I not merciful? ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!?

Houston -3: Remember last week when the Hungry Guy told all ya'll that Detroit STINKS? Well they haven't gotten any better. Also, Houston had a wake up call last week with Jacksonville which is also helping to keep the line close, and they'll be ready to play on Thanksgiving. Case closed

New England -6.5: RULE 1 WEEK 1 of training camp (@Tsleboda33): If you can cop the Pats at under a tuddy then you cop and you cop hard! COP IT!!!!

New Endgland 1H -4: Wow. We are spoiled during this holiday season!! THE PATS -4 against the freakin JETS ARE YOU JOKING ME?!?!?!? LOCKNESS MONSTER SIGHTING!!!!!!!! RING THE ALARM!!!!
Well, that was a lot of excitement for one day. Stay tuned and I will provide another winner or 2 for Sunday. But mark my words these are locks.

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