Friday, November 2, 2012

Hungry's Week 9 NFL Picks

It is official: Cleveland is currently on my HIT LIST!! Actually, San Diego is even more on my hit list. How do you score only 6 points in a game? Honestly. How? I'm dying to know. Now, there's been a little chatter here and there about a certain poor record this year, but I mean it's a pretty simple: Some of those plays were BS and the LOCKS are what you pounce on. If I didn't have RON (The CEO of Zip) breathing down my neck every week then maybe I could concentrate!


The good news is I have it all figured out now and I'm not even kidding at all. The season is half way over and that's the sample size I need to go on. My guy @akantpin always says: "Buy Low, Sell High". I guess that's good advice because look for a big turn around in the second half of the season.

Baltimore -3.5: "Sometimes in life, the gods smile upon you, my friends!" In the case, The Ghost of Jimmy the Greek smiles upon us. In three weeks we will all sit down at Thanksgiving Dinner and thank the Ghost of Jimmy for giving us this opportunity for revenge. The math on this is really simple. Baltimore's got Pittsburgh nipping at their heals and will come out big in this game after that terrible performance in Houston, plus having the bye week to let it stew. Please, don't count on them scoring 6 FREAKING points in the Dog Pound like SD did last week. This is easy. Ain't Askin.

Detroit -3.5: "Oh Hungry, Hungry, please don't bet another small spread away favorite, please don't I'm so scared" - Andy Berkovitz. Yeah okay AAAANdy (@andy_berkovitz)!! You idiot! This one is obvious! At 3-4 he Lions actually have a shot to get back into the playoff hunt with a win. I would be more surprised at Jacksonville actually showing up than I would be at them covering this game. You know? No you're right, Chad Henne will  prolly lead them to a victory. NO YOU'RE RIGHT.

Denver -3: Peyton is starting to look scary. Also, Cincinnati is starting to look scary. This one might not be close. If Cincinnati wins then I will absolutely PEE

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