Thursday, December 27, 2012

ESPN Gridiron Challenge: Week 17 Roster

Making some minor last week changes...
  • QBs: T. Brady and A. Rodgers 
  • RBs: K. Moreno and A. Foster 
  • WRs: C. Johnson and V. Cruz
  • TE: J. Graham
  • K: M. Crosby
  • Def: Titans
Week 17 Value Options: 
  • QBs: M. Sanchez ($4.6) Crazy right? Looking for some Week 1 magic and he may be playing for his future in the NYC
  • RBs: R. Grant ($4.9) Playoff push for Pack and he showed well last week
  • WRs: T.Y. Hilton ($5.5) Houston pass D has been weak
  • TE: V. Davis ($5.3) 49ers need to win and are lacking depth at WR
  • K: R. Bironas ($3.7) Jags. Enough said.
  • Def: Titans ($3.2) Jags. Enough said.

Last Week's Value Options: 
  • QBs: C. Henne ($4.6) 19pts
  • RBs: K. Moreno ($5.9) 11pts
  • WRs: D. Amendola ($5.7) 0pts
  • TE: A. Gates ($5.1) 10pts
  • K: D. Carpenter ($4.1) NA
  • Def: Redskins ($4.3) 14pts

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