Sunday, December 2, 2012

Hungry's Week 13 NFL Picks

I find it funny how I released yet another successful LOCKness Monster last week (which makes 4-0 on the season), the fan mail pours in and still not a single bonus from RON @quickzipsports. I mean the guy is out there blowing little Susie's college tuition on a poker game last week but he don't got time to say "thank you, Hungry. You are the man bro."?


Anyway, this week is easy. And I mean EASY!

Da Bears -3: This one's for you, @mickdogg06. It would be wise of you to look into Culter's eyes before the game today and ADVISE. I have been waiting a long time to exact sweet revenge on this TERRIBLE Seahawks squad. This is WAS the biggest fraud squad in the NFL. Now they just stink. The Bears are actually kind of a fraud squad themselves (#FraudSquad), but they seem to play good at home. I'm looking forward the Bears getting the W here, losing the rest of the season, and Micky becomes a Pats Playoff Fan like last year. BOOM!!!!!!!!

Pats 1H -4: I can here the peanut gallery already "OMG Hungry always takes the Pats first Half" "Ugh how about some  variety in your picks" "Man Hungry you got a great record I should listen to you more" Listen: I PICK WINNERS! When winners win I pick them. It's math and this line is stupid. The pats are going to crush the Dolphins today no doubt in my mind. Tannehill will throw 2 picks and it's not gonna be close. This leads me to my next pick

Pats -7: See above. The Dolphins will turn the ball over in this match up and the Pats will roll.

Giants -3: Did the G-men wake up last week? Maybe, maybe not, but they should win by a baker's on MNF.

Buccaneers +9: I hate picking a team that I just think will keep it close. Its dumb. So, this one will prolly miss, but now that I said that it'll prolly hit. Tampa keeps it close with their run game. 

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