Sunday, December 9, 2012

Hungry's Week 14 NFL Picks

It feels good to be on top of my profession. The picks are a bit late this week, but that's only because I have been crunching the numbers on overload all week. You know what that means? Yup, you guessed it. ALL WINNERS THIS WEEK! BOOOOOOOOOMMMMM!!!!!


By the way - look for my NCAAB spot that will be coming out soon. The Hungry guy goes 5 for 6 yesterday without even breaking a sweat. It's simple math really.

Da Bears -2.5: Let's try this again. Last week I pointed out that the Bears are kind of a #FraudSquad and of course they proved me right (obviously). Lucky for them they are playing Minnesota this week it will be hard not to win. And you know what they say about FG spreads - 3 points is NOT a lot to ask for, especially during the Christmas Season. Prediction: the Bears roll, AP rolls an ankle and @Shinbo769 goes down hard in fantasy.

Colts -3: Put whatever you're up/have in your bank account on this game - this is math at its simplest. The Colts are in the thick of the playoff hunt and they can't afford to slip. Also, Tennessee STINKS. They'll prolly win by a baker's dozen here. Yes. YES

Falcons -3: I wasn't going to touch this one cuz both teams are kind of weird. I mean, Atlanta is going to end up winning we all know that. Then I remembered one of my founding rules that got me to where I am today: 3 POINTS IS NOT A LOT TO ASK FOR ESPECIALLY DURING THE CHRISTMAS SEASON. Lock it Load it Love it.

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