Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hungry's Week 15 NFL Picks


Don't really got time for a lengthy intro this week. Prolly because I've been on a numbers crunching overload rampage this entire week. I guess all-in-all that's a good thing for my readers cuz it just means that I can not and will not miss.

Packers -2.5: Well I told all my readers that the Bears were a #FraudSquad and guess what? I was right on the money. The Packers really should not have a problem coming away with a W in this game. They need to win and they are just better than the #FraudSquad. Remember - when you know a team is going to win, 3 points is NOT a lot to ask for. Especially during the Christmas season.

Pats -4: If there is one rule we can all live by it's that Tom covers when I am at Gillette. I am fully expecting baker's victory tonight as the rest of the NFL begins to realize they just aren't quite as good TB12. This one is for you AAAANNNDDYYYYYY @andy_berkovitz

Bills +5: That's right RON - chew on this! I don't always need the chalk. I HATE Seattle. They haven't won by 5 on the road at all this season. I mean the Bills are bad, but they aren't really a push over. They are prolly a good match for Seattle actually. I don't see Seattle winning by 5 here I just don't see it.

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