Tuesday, March 19, 2013

2013 Bracket: Expert Picks (CBS, Yahoo!, SI, ESPN) (Part 4)

Many years ago I came across an article in an in-flight magazine about picking the Oscars.  It was a study by Harvard (I think) and it basically said that when the majority of people made the same pick, it usually ended up being the correct pick. Of course now I can't find the article to reference, so you'll just have to take my word for it.  All that said, I figured I would try to apply the theory for bracket picks.  In short, it's basically like aggregating the knowledge of the top college basketball minds of ESPN, SI, Yahoo! and CBS.  This has proven to be the most helpful for guidance in some of the 8/9, 7/10 and 5/12 match-ups.

  • Total Expert Brackets: 21
  • Total picks for Lousiville as National Champ: 17
  • First Round:
    • Upsets (Majority of picks for lower seeded team): Iowa St, Colorado, and Minnesota
    • VCU, New Mexico and Florida each received all 21 picks.

  • Elite Eight Match-ups (Based on majority of picks): Gonzaga/Ohio State, Indiana/Miami, Louisville/Michigan State, and Kansas/Georgetown (Georgetown gets tie-break based on more picked them to advance to Final Four)
  • Final Four: Lousiville/Ohio State and Miami/Kansas

  • Championship: Lousiville over Miami (Miami had most picks for final two)

CBS Expert Picks: Here
Yahoo! Expert Picks: Here
CNN SI Expert Picks: Here
ESPN Expert Picks: Here

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