Wednesday, March 27, 2013

2013 Sweet 16 Pomeroy + LRMC Profiles

Back in Part 3 I identified the top 30 teams who had the best profiles to make the Elite 8.  Specifically calling out the top 12 teams with the most likely chance to make it based on the profiles of previous Elite 8 teams.  Of those 12 teams, 10 are still in play, and highlighted in green.

History shows that over the past four years, 69% of the Elite 8 has been comprised of teams who started with an OE and DE equal or less than 40.  Also, 88% of team featured an LRMC equal/lower than 25. Based on that and the directions teams are headed in their OE/DE, here would be my updated Elite 8:
  • Louisville vs. Duke
  • Michigan vs. Florida
  • Indiana vs. Miami
  • Wichita St. vs. Ohio St.

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