Friday, June 7, 2013

2013 Belmont Stakes Picks: Top 5 and Long Shot

Oxbow was my long shot pick for the Preakness and that turned out all right. The Belmont's a long race, and this one's a large field, so I think there's an opportunity for a sleeper in the mix. Given how fast Oxbow gets out of the gates, I just don't see it as sustainable on this track. I've never been crazy about Orb, but he'll be in the mix for sure.

  1. Overanalyze (3) - I think the combo of Velazquez and Pletcher will make it work for this horse on this track.  
  2. Revolutionary (9)
  3. Orb (4)
  4. Freedom Child (2) - If it's a wet track, you could move this one up a few spots...
  5. Incognito (6)

Longshot: With this long of a race and this large of a field, I'm giving Giant Finish (4) the nod to close it down the stretch.  

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