Wednesday, September 4, 2013

ESPN College Football Challenge Week 2 Roster

Overhauling the skill positions based on performances last week and match-ups this week.

  • QBs: J. Manziel and B. Smith (WYO) - Manziel will always get his, but I'm rolling the dice on Smith against Idaho.
  • RBs: K. Carey and L. Seastrunk - As long as Carey plays, these guys are both in for monster days.
  • WRs: S. Watkins and B. Cooks - While I have confidence in Marquis Lee, I have zero faith in any of the Trojan QBs, so I can't rely on him to make his own magic.
  • K: Baylor Bears - Bears will move the ball to create a lot of opportunities.
  • Def: Wisconsin Badgers - At home against a cupcake.

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