Monday, September 9, 2013

ESPN College Football Challenge Week 3 Roster *Updated*

Solid numbers last week based on favorable match-ups, and could've been a lot better if Sammy Watkins didn't disappear.  Here's where my numbers are tracking...

Entry NameGame ModeStatusGroup(s)PointsRankPercent
HOT BOY$Division IReady 323268296.4%

The Week 3 Roster:
  • QBs: J. Lynch and C. Keeton
  • RBs: K. Carey and K. Carrier
  • WRs: O. Beckham and A. Neutz (Replaced P. Richardson due to game postponed in Colorado)
  • K: Northwestern Wildcats
  • Def: Michigan State Spartans


  1. Watch out for Paul Richardson. They might postpone the game due to flooding.


  2. Good lookin' out. Just made the update and rolling the dice with A. Neutz from Buffalo.