Tuesday, September 10, 2013

ESPN Gridiron Challenge: Week 2

A rather pedestrian 137pts in week 1 despite starting with 46 from Peyton.  A slow week for some of he big names on the roster such as Johnson and Foster.  So ESPN has apparently changed the version of the game to be more in line with the other salary cap games, so you'll be able to capture the full value of a player if you swap them out.  That said, I'm making some knee-jerk reactions to the lineup based on week 1 performances and week 2 match-ups.

QBs: P. Manning and D. Brees - These guys will pass for days, stay the course
RBs: A. Peterson and L. McCoy - Diggin' the Chip Kelly offense
WRs: A.J. Green and C. Johnson - Major upgrade with Green
TE: J. Cameron - Appears there will be lots of TE options this year, no reason to overpay
K: R. Lindell
Def: Baltimore Ravens - I'm buying low, I think the Broncos are just that good

Week 2 Value Options - At this point every top player is still pretty much attainable, but in case you want to keep some cash in reserves...
QBs: C. Palmer ($5.7) and T. Pryor ($5.2)
RBs: D. Williams ($5.2) and D. Richardson ($5.0)
WRs: J. Edelman ($4.3) and A. Roberts ($4.8)
TE: B. Celek ($4.6)
Def: Falcons ($4.5)


  1. QBs: P. Manning and D. Brees
    RBs: A. Peterson and L. McCoy
    WRs: A.J. Green and C. Johnson
    TE: Garrett Gresham (houston)
    K: Adam Vinatieri
    Def: Baltimore Ravens

    What do you think about this line up?

    1. No qualms with your QB/RB/WR/D picks.

      TE/K: I know Houston is working the TEs more into the Red Zone offense, but I'm personally not willing to bet on Graham for points when he's a fifth or sixth option. I think you're better off trading up +$.1 to grab Fred Davis (who should get plenty of looks going against the Packers) and trade down Vinatieri for Lindell or Forbath.