Tuesday, September 17, 2013

ESPN Gridiron Challenge: Week 3

Not a great second week and missed out on some of the big time players such as Rodgers. Time to reset for week three, and taking a slightly different approach by going back to the reliable Jimmy Graham, getting the value in Edelman, and betting big on Seattle's D against the Jags.

Week 3 Value Options 
QBs: J. Freeman ($5.2) and C. Palmer ($5.6)
RBs: K. Moreno ($4.8) and J. Bell, assuming Bush is out ($5.1)
WRs: J. Gordon ($4.8) and D. Hopkins ($5.0)
TE: J. Cameron ($4.8)
Def: Vikings ($4.6)


  1. I took some risks this week as well this is my team for week three. All have really solid matchups this week. What do you think? I'm not completely sold on rivers and royal but they were unstoppable last week and are playing the titans this week.

    QB-manning, rivers
    RB-moreno, lynch
    WR-eddie royal, desean Jackson
    TE-Julius Thomas
    K-Dan Bailey

    1. Moreno is good but he is sharing carries. I'm iffy about Rivers too but he gets the Titans this week who allowed 30 points last week.

    2. @Steve: No arguments on Manning, Thomas, Bailey and Seahawks.
      Overall I like to spread my risk a little more than what you have.
      I'm expecting a bit of a regression/let down game for the Chargers after the big win and traveling again. Additionally Titans defense has collected four turnovers already (2 in each game), and the Chargers have given it away three times. I think if the Chargers actually focus on the run game, they'll be better served. All that said, I'm not ready to jump on the Rivers/Royal bandwagon just yet.

      Not a fan of having Moreno if you're already locking Manning and Thomas. I like Moreno's value if you're looking to plus up your other RB or WRs to more consistent options.

      I know DJax has had some strong games out the gates, but the Chiefs secondary is one of the better ones in the league and I think Flowers will limit his output.

      Stafford to Johnson should be solid, but same comment as above by having the RB of the same offense as well, especially if Bush is limited by his injury.

      Bennett is getting his targets and Cutler is looking for him in the RZ, so he should continue to fare well.

      For Defense, if it works with your numbers, I think the better play might be Dallas at home against St. Louis.

  2. This is an interesting week in terms of matchups. Let me know what you guys think of my lineup.

    QB-Stafford, Rivers
    RB-McCoy, Bush
    WR-C. Johnson, D. Jackson

  3. Well you nailed it with that Dallas defense. I'm looking forward to your picks for this week.