Tuesday, September 24, 2013

ESPN Gridiron Challenge: Week 4 **UPDATED**

Last week was a big boost to the season's overall ranking.  Heading back to Cameron at TE because he seems to be getting the looks, especially in the red zone, and he costs significantly less than a guy like Graham.  Edelman didn't pan out, so it's time to go big on all key positions again, putting Julio into the lineup.

Week 4 Value Options 
QBs: T. Pryor ($5.1) - Pryor is unlikely to play due to concussion.
RBs: G. Bernard ($5.3)
WRs: J. Gordon ($5.1), B. Hartline ($5.2) and A. Brown ($5.5)
TE: M. Bennett ($5.1)
Def: Arizona ($4.4)


  1. Alright guys let me know what you think.

    QB: Luck, P. Manning
    RB: Gore, McCoy
    WR: C. Johnson, E. Decker
    TE: J. Cameron
    K: Prater
    DEF: S.F.

  2. I'm thinking of going with Joique Bell over Gore. Thoughts?

  3. QBs: Luck has 93 pass attempts and the Colts as a whole have 90 rush attempts. In the two Colts' wins Luck attempted 23 and 27 passes respectively. I prefer my QBs to be more central to the offense. While I see how it can be tempting to roll with Luck against the Jags D, I think Brady, Romo, or a way to get Ryan would be better QB options.

    RB: The SF offense suddenly feels very one-dimensional and predictable, so I'm trying to steer clear of that entire roster. It's a Thursday night home game for the Rams and they played SF tough both games last year. Bell seems like a dicey plan just given Bush may be back and the Chicago D is top 10 for rush defense. My guess is Bradshaw will still get a fair number of carries next week since they are playing the Jags and Jacksonville has the worst rush defense in the league.

    WR/TE/K: Looks pretty solid.

    DEF: Haven't been super impressed with SF D this year, but I know they've played quality offenses. Given Tampa is starting Mike Glennon I think it adds more value to AZ as a strong value pick.

  4. Yeah I was thinking Gore after what Murray did to that same defense last week. But you may be right. I switched Luck with Brees, C. Johnson for Gore, Decker with Julio, Prater for Lindell, And got the AZ defense up against the terrible Bucs

  5. Qb- big Ben, manning
    Rb- a.p., McCoy
    Wr- Megatron, Julio
    Te- Cameron
    K- Lindell
    Def- Arizona

    Any help is appriciated. I've been doing terrible!

  6. @Steve: I'd sayBig Ben is a high risk, high reward player this week. High risk because he's on the road and has nothing of a run game to support him, but his production has gone up consistently over the first few games, and the Vikes are 28th against the pass giving up 315 yards per game. At his price I don't have anyone else I'd recommend over him, so here's to 300 yards and 3 TDs.

    @King: Bad call on my part about Gore. I honestly thought the Rams were going to show up tonight.

  7. Yeah I was beating myself up for taking Gore out of my lineup. I ended up with Trent Richardson who didn't exactly set the world on fire. But it's time for this weeks picks now and to redeem myself!