Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hungry's Week 1 NFL Picks

First of all I’d like to thank all the readers. I have been swamped with fan mail in the off season – mostly asking for fantasy advice which is funny because fantasy football is armature hour. I mean it’s a great platform for hoes like @shinbo769 to get a taste of the sports capping biz, but it’s like – shut up Jackson get outta here you tourist! Lol. Anyway, my point is real men pick winners. I know what you’re thinking “But Hungry, Ron @QuickZipSports says gender roles are from the 50’s and boy and girls and everyone are all the same and can all wear dresses”... Well guess what, Ron (!!) – THERE’S A NEW SHERIFF IN TOWN! 

Tampa (-3): It don’t and won’t get easier than this. If you wait too long the line will move to 3.5 and prolly 4 before the game starts so lock it in now. Tampa had the benefit of practicing with the Pats this preseason so going against Geno Smith will basically be a charity event for them. The Jets are going to flat out stink this year. Everyone knows it, but it’s week 1 and Tampa needs to prove themselves so this line is way off. Tampa’s actually going nowhere fast too, but they have more than enough weapons to get by here – plus Revis said he’s giving away all the Jets’ secrets!!

New England -9: No you’re right – the Pats prolly won’t win by a baker’s D against freakin Buffalo. They prolly won’t put up at least 34 points. You’re right…. Gosh I mean I know they can’t make the line 17, but this game honestly won’t be close. I’m actually starting to like this Pats Defense.  How many picks you think they’ll have against EJ Manuel? 4 at least?  Yeah I guess the Bills have good line backers or something but everyone there is new. Plus I love Stevie Johnson’s trash talk this week . He’ll be worried about Patrick Chung out there while Talib most definitely shuts him down.

Texas -7 (CFB Bonus Play): Week 1 and you already get a bonus play. Are you not entertained?? Ron will prolly have a fit when he sees this “Ahh guy this is an NFL piece, you can’t really be mixing CFB with NFL. Ah CFB has its own page and plus I cap CFB” Ha-Ha yeah whatever Ron keep talking – nice picks last week BOOM! Plus, in the words of @copalotofpicks: I will cop any game if needed… Anyway, not going to get too scientific on this pick because it’s simple. I watched BYU last week. They-Freaking-SUCK!!! On the other side Texas is kind of back. Longhorns in a 22 pt rout. In fact, I guarantee it.

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