Saturday, September 21, 2013

Hungry's Week 3 NFL Picks

I'll be honest - I couldn't feel better about the NFL this year. Yeah yeah I know, I've run into some terrible luck already, but the reality is most the of the games play out as I expected... and then I get screwed on the point spread somehow in the end. So that's fine. You can insult me. You can knock me down. Heck you can even kick me while I'm down. But just remember one thing: Nobody ever said I can't pick a winner - and NOBODY can take that from me....
NFL: 2-4
CFB: 0-1

Dallas -3: Dallas is who we thought they were. Tons of talent, going nowhere, but will get by this game relatively easily. Look for them to be pretty motivated here after how last week turned out for them. With their return home they will put a 8-12 point beating on the Rams who are absolutely nothing special. The Dallas D will produce a few turn overs (Romo will prob match it) and the Rams simply won't be able keep up.

Green Bay -2.5: I'm really sorry to break this to the Bengals, but they are just not good. If my guy AR (number 4 QB in the league) wants any success this season then he'll continue to put up big points in Cincinnati that cannot be matched by the mediocre Bengals offense. It's actually pretty simple. This could be a Lockness Monster.  

Bills +3: Is this pick risky? I dunno maybe it seems risky to someone who don't know anything about psychology. The Pats have already played both of these teams and the Jets are worse. A lot worse. Look for this game to be close with a Bills squeaking by in the end.

Colts +10: 10 points are you joking me?! Come on how overrated are the 49ers? Everyone needs to settle down they are such a fad it's not even funny. The Colts are solid enough to keep this close and that I can guarantee.

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