Friday, September 27, 2013

Hungry's Week 4 NFL Picks

Last week should have been 4-0 without a doubt. Once again I got hosed on when @andy_berkovitz's pathetic Packers decided to fumble on a 4th & 1 as the game was ending when all they had to do was kick a field goal!! Of course the 2, second half picks by flash-in-the-pan/way-overrated Aaron Rodgers didn't help either. @MShinstine knows what I'm talking about - might be the only Wisco guy who knows anything about sports at all... "Yeah I said it and..."

NFL: 4-6

Pats +2: Rule # 1: Anytime a potentially undefeated team is an underdog, you smack then you smack again. It is nonsense to not play the Pats here. My guy Aqib will pick off Matty a couple times, Tom is looking comfortable once again making super stars out of nobodies and who knows, we may even see GRONK return! Pats by 7 or maybe even a baker's.


Baltimore -3: Probably the play of the week. Baltimore's D seems to be back and will give EJ some trouble (the guy basically stinks). Looks like Ray Rice will be back - practiced twice this week - and they seemed to click overall last week. Buffalo really don't got a shot at winning this game.

 Dallas -2: Dallas it for real (for a couple of months until they choke) so why not stay on board the money train? The Chargers can't run the ball and you need a complete offense to take down the Boys' defense this year. Also, Danny Woodhead is leading San Deigo in receptions... Dallas is just a better team all around - they move units on offense and the Chargers give up more yards per catch than any other team, which won't mix well with Dallas's big play recievers. Do yourself a favor and cop The Boys here...

Kansas City -4: I was a little hesitant about this one because I feel like the Giants can turn it on at any time, but then I realized they're just going to pack it in. Obviously KC is a tough place to play and the fans there are pumped up now that they're winning again. They have all the momentum and Eli looks like the fraud that he is lately. Why was I hesitant? I wasn't. Lock and load this one, boys. 

New Orleans -6.5: In the beginning of the season Ron was silly enough to bet me that the Dolphins will finish ahead of the Pats in the regular season (I know....). The Dolphins have looked better than they did in the past, but this is one road test they will FAIL. With the Pats cruising and the Dolphins losing in week 4, I will be one step closer to continuing my dominance over the Wisconsin bros in all betting categories (@andy_berkovitz you know what I'm talking about)

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