Saturday, September 21, 2013

Bobby B Intro: My first and certainly not my last!

First of all, I just want to thank the Zip for asking me to be a part of this. I'm Bobby from Madison, WI and currently live in Norman, OK (which is a joke of a college town).  I am a sports nut, but my main focuses are on soccer, NFL, NCAA football and bball.  I also enjoy tennis and golf (mostly the majors and grand slams and mainly Tiger, Stricker, and Nadal).  Go Brew Crew as well, but this was a really bad year.

So where do I start with this first blog post?  Let's go ahead with college football.  How bad is Mickey's Florida squad?  I personally think they are better off without Driskel.  That guy is terrible. FSU has themselves a future stud in that Winston kid, holy moly!!! And how about "Jon Football" as my guy SVP calls him?  Yea he puts up decent numbers, but lets be real is he an NFL QB?  Not for my team he wouldn't be, not with that attitude and selfishness.  He needs to grow up, become a leader, and eat some humble pie, because if he thinks he's going to do what he does now in the pros he's got another thing coming for him.  Demarcus Ware would "rip his F'ing head off!!!!" (DeWitt)

I think there are some real individual talents out there this year but I personally don't know if any team has it all put together like the Ducks.  They made Tenn look like UW Oshkosh!  Alabama has a good team, but I don't think they have the RB's or D they have had the past few years, but do NOT sleep on them they will be around at the end of the year.  I think there are 5 teams that can win it this year, Ore, Bama, Clemson, FSU, and maybe Georgia.  OSU still has some growing and would get handled by any of those teams and after Stanford almost just let ASU come back on them on their home turf I don't know about them either.

Now on to the big boys, the NFL.  How bad are the Pats!?!?! JK Hungry chill out!  But seriously they are the weakest 2-0 team and I cannot believe they won either game against those god awful Jets and Bills.  My Cowboys on the other hand are looking ok.  D is much better than last year and if we can find some balance think we can be pretty good (not great).  Some big games this week.  First is for my division rival NYG.  Going into Carolina to play Scam Newton is going to be tough.  If the Panthers pull this off the Giants season is probably over.  If Chicago goes into Pit and wins I think we can call it for the Steelers as well.  And one of the best games on the card, but with much less implication is GB at Cin.  I think this going to be a good game and the Bengals come to play like a lot of the analysts thought they would. I like them to win outright. F them being 2.5 pt dogs in their own house.  My only other pick is the Boys.  I don't usually pick them just because, but this being my first blog why not?  They cover (-3.5) and under all the way (47.0).   BROOOOMMMMSTICK!

Last but not least AAAANNNDDDDDYYY and my Red Devils have a huge game tomorrow against Man Shitty.  I hope we get it done and Moyes wins his first Manchester Darby.

Also my soccer team tomorrow WILL win by 2 goals and my flag football team will win by 13 and I'll record my first pick of the year in our first game.

Thanks again everyone and have a great sunday!


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