Friday, September 13, 2013

Hungry's Week 2 NFL Picks

Off to kind of a slow start this year, but you know what so are the Pats. And you know what else? They’re 2-0 with 2 division wins and Tom Brady's playing QB. So, I guess if I’m like the Pats then IM FINE.  I’ll be honest though, I actually got absolutely screwed on 2 of the games last week (if you watched the Texas game you know what I’m talking about) and that only means I prolly won’t miss another pick all year. If you doubt me then you know nothing about psychology - - just like @mickdogg06

NFL: 0-2 (NBD)
CFB: 0-1 (NBD)

Giants +5: I guess this is the game of the week so it makes sense that I would cap it. The Broncos are so overrated it’s not even funny. Look for New York to move the ball easily against the WS Denver defense. Flacco played (and is) so bad in week 1 and they still put up 27. Obviously Denver ran away with it in the 3rd but this game will be different because the Giants will keep it close and Welker will have 3 fumbles and 5 drops.

Baltimore -6.5: Speaking of terrible teams. As bad as Flacco is, he wouldn’t even have to show up to beat the Browns. This is the Browns team that put up 10 points at home against the Dolphins. I’m still not sure why they drafted Old Man Weeden. The guy is terrible. Colt McCoy would have been way better. Baltimore will be ready to go for their home opener after losing last week because of some costly mistakes. 

Dallas +3: Kansas City isn’t even that good in case you were wondering. Congrats on crushing the Jaguars, but I guess the hype is real when it comes to the Cowboys D? Yeah they still have Romo which means they can hand any game over at any time, but their Defense seems legit as much as it was hyped up in the preseason. Plus, they have so much skill on offense. This will be such a different game for KC and I bet you Dallas wins outright. 

Saints -3: OMG a division game on the road I’m so scared my name’s Ron this is such a trap ZOMG… If there was such a thing as a trap then this would be it, but there isn’t so it’s not (psychology). Bottom line: If the Saints can’t cover 3 points here then I will absolutely PEE. #imleaving

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