Wednesday, October 2, 2013

ESPN Gridiron Challenge: Week 5 *UPDATED*

With Calvin Johnson out, I'm swapping him with Dez.

Week 4 was a good bounce back week to help boost the ranking. I'm making some key changes with the bye weeks...

Week 5 Value Options 
QBs: T. Pryor ($5.1) and B. Hoyer ($5.1)
RBs: K. Moreno ($4.9) and G. Bernard ($5.3)
WRs: K. Thompkins ($4.8) and J. Edelman ($4.6)
TE: J. Cook ($4.9)
Def: St. Louis ($4.3)


  1. Oh boy looking like C. Johnson is inactive. Any last minute moves?

  2. Yeah, I'm swapping him with Dez. Figure Dallas will throwing all day to keep pace with Denver.