Wednesday, October 9, 2013

ESPN Gridiron Challenge: Week 6 ** UPDATED **

** I am not going to wait on Calvin's status, so I'm going to swap him with Demaryius.  **

Dez filled in nicely last week for Johnson at the last minute.  I'll be keeping an eye on Johnson all week, but if he's healthy he's a must to have in the lineup.

Week 6 Value Options 
QBs: M. Glennon ($5.1) and C. Henne ($4.5)
RBs: K. Moreno ($5.2) and G. Bernard ($5.3)
WRs: J. Blackmon ($4.9) and A. Jeffery ($5.2)
TE: G. Graham ($4.4)
Def: Houston Texans ($4.4)


  1. Hi there,

    I have been following your blog since week 2 and I am very glad I picked Jordan Cameron. Got a couple of questions, Saints are at New England this week do you think it's better to pick Romo and use the remaining money on Dez Bryant? Right now I have Calvin Johnson and Antonio Brown?

    Also do you think Bears are better than 9ers at defense this week? Still bit annoyed about getting burnt by Arizona last week and the Bears are playing against the Jets this week.

    1. Hey Andrew, great to have you following. Cameron has proved to be a great value, but I'm going to be keeping a close eye on him now that Weedon is QB again.

      Are you implying you have Brees and would swap him for Romo, and then pick up Dez in place of Brown? Given that Dallas is going against a weak Redskins D, it's a pretty solid trade-off all around. I'm not high on any Steelers, and wouldn't count on them for consistent stats.

      I definitely expected Carolina to handle their business in the desert, but Arizona's offense is not anything special. The Panthers had four turnovers in that game, but the Palmer threw three INTs and the Cardinals still only had 250 total yards of offense. San Fran at home in a division game against a bottom feeding offense should be money. The Bears are actually at home against the Giants, which has some good upside because the I think the Bears can bounce back after a tough loss to the Saints. Given there is no run-game for the Giants right now, the Bears will be expecting Eli to air it out, but the Bears are also giving up about 275 passing yards/game. That will likely favor the Bears, but I'd rather just pass on the whole situation.

      Hope that helps, good luck this week.

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  3. Thanks for the quick reply!
    Yeah, I have have Drew right now and I don't have enough money to spend on both Johnson and Bryant that's why I asked if it's a good idea to have Romo and Brant instead of Drew and Brown.

    I think I will go with Romo and Brant and hope for the best.

    One more question, if Calvin Johnson is not available this week, what would you sub him with?

    Thanks again for doing this blog.

    1. I am actually going to switch Calvin with Demaryius right now. I don't want to have to wait right up until game time to know if Johnson is playing or not, even if it's just a game tactic by the Lions to keep people guessin.