Saturday, October 5, 2013

Hungry's Week 5 NFL Picks

Putting Baltimore on #notice. 5 picks, Flacco are you joking me

Finally we get an absolutely easy week to pick winners. I got 3 LOCKS and one LOCK (in order of lead pipe density)

NFL: 7-8

 Pats +1: Like I said last week, when a potentially undefeated team is a dog you smack and then you smack again. A Patriots let down here would just be devastating. The Bengals are clearly a middle of the pack team this year and there is no reason the Pats won't score more points than them on Sunday. The only question is how many picks my guy Aqib will end up with?

Kansas City -2.5: What is with this line? Tennessee wasn't that good with Locker. I don't see Ryan Fitzpatrick coming in and stepping up to beat KC who is absolutely rolling right now. Have you watched KC play this year? They are solid and Tennessee is a fraud squad. If KS don't win by more than 3 I will absolutely pee

New Orleans PK: Talk about a fraud squad. The Bears have basically gotten lucky in all 3 of their wins. Pitt was a legit win, but it was against Pitt.... New Orleans is easily the best team they will have played this year. The only thing that slightly concerns me is NO playing away and outdoors, but it shouldn't be too bad this time of year. Micky U a SUCKA

San Diego -4.5: The Chargers are a fickle beast. Oakland is not - They-freaking-STINK. But hey, that's just my expert opinion... If Washington can get it done then SD can too. All they need to do is play half as good as they did against the Cowboys last week.

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