Saturday, October 12, 2013

Hungry's Week 6 NFL Picks

Last week was shocking to all of us, but let's move on.

NFL: 9-10

Kansas City -7: Yeah Oakland somehow pulled out a big win at home last week, but they are not going into Arrowhead and keeping this one close. The Chiefs are on a roll and it's not stopping this week. LOCK

Minnesota -2: Matt Cassel will play solid at home on Sunday and Minn is playing for more than just a W. Plus, Carolina is terrible... This one's as good as gold, gentlemen!

NY Jets +2: Pittsburgh is giving up and the Jets think they're in the hunt because they have pulled off a couple wins. That will be enough motivation for this game. They're hoping they win and the Pats lose which will make them both 4-2 next week when they play in NY. Unfortunately for them only 1 of those is going to happen.

Buffalo +6: I don't even want to look at Cincinnati right now, but this is part of the job. They are good enough to go on the road anywhere and win by 6. Buffalo should be able to keep it close.

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