Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hungry's Week 7 NFL Picks

The picks this week are simple and obvious so I really don't even feel like I need to baby you and give you every little detail about the games. Also, it's worth noting that my hit percentage SKY ROCKETS after week 7 so if I were you I would use these picks accordingly
(basically a picture of my picks)

 NFL: 11-12

I think I smell chalk...

Kansas City -6: Probably the biggest joke line of the week. Texas has completely imploded and they will find themselves in terrible position traveling to KC. My guess is the Chiefs win by 21

Atlanta -6: What better way for the 1-4 under-performing Falcons to turn their season around, if they want to have a season at all? We already know Tampa's season is over. Matty Ryan needs to suck it up and get a big W today.

PATS -3: The Pats at a field goal line?? HAHAHAHAHA! Have we not proven that we will win even if every single player on the team is out (besides Tom)? I don't care if Gronk plays or not, Tom12 gets this one done easily especially considering he already saw the Jets once this year - YOU DON'T WANT TO GIVE TOM 2 SHOTS AT YOU

Detroit -2: My goodness are the Bengals overrated. They only won that game against the Pats because of the hurricane at the end. They don't travel well and will not leave Detroit with a W. 2 points is not a lot to ask for and I am asking for it so let's go Lions

Also let's go Colts (might be a ML play with some house money)

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