Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hungry's Week 8 NFL Picks


NFL: 13-14

Packers -7: Goodness gracious the Vikings are terrible. The Packers are kinda weak sauce on the road, but even the overrated Rodgers should be able to win easily here

Red Skins +11: Everyone knows Peyton is just a mini Tom. We knew he wouldn't go undefeated through the regular season because that's a Tom thing. The Broncos are overrated and I'm tired of hearing about them.

Saints -10: The Bills have no business even showing up today. The only team that can really beat the Saints is Tom

TEASER: KC -1 / Packers -1: I HATE teasers. In my earlier days I would get sucked in, but now I only play them once a year - and it ALWAYS hits. That's the tricky thing about them: if you don't use them right then they will burn you. They are a fickle beast and I don't know anyone that has the knowledge and horse power required to use them.

Fact is, Neither of these teams are going to lose so there really isn't any risk in this play at all.

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