Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hungry's Week 11 NFL Picks

Well we all knew this was going to happen - the Hungry guy is heating up! This week is such easy money it's hard to explain. Just make sure you triple any layout here in week 11...


Saints -3: Two teams going in the opposite direction here. Everyone is finally realizing what I have been saying since early last year - This Cap guy s-u-c-k-s: STINKS!!!!! Brees at home for the second week in a row and coming off a huge win against the once-again-#FraudSquad-Cowboys is the formula for another big win.

Chiefs +8: It's about that time of year - where Peyton starts making excuses and everyone comes around to realize that Tom the best player in the NFL and the best QB in NFL history. Also Welker might get injured today.

Atlanta +2: Probably ATL's last chance to win again this season. They will win today it's just that simple.

Chargers -2: Miss-match described this game best. The only real issue is the Chargers don't seem to travel well, but Miami isn't exactly a home field advantage city. They should be able to get this done


 The nerve of Vegas!! Actually... after thinking about it - THANK YOU VEGAS!!!! My goodness has there ever been a bigger knee jerk reaction to a couple of wins (against all #WeakSauce teams) than there has been to Carolina??? Scam Newton is going to get picked off 5 times by my guy Aqib alone. This is such a Lockness Monster and I am never wrong about that - nobody can take this gift away from me.

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