Sunday, November 24, 2013

Hungry's Week 12 NFL Picks

Don't even get me started on last week. Let's just move forward.

Chiefs -3: Will the Chiefs be looking forward to next week's rematch? Probably. Does it matter? No. The Chargers are struggling big time which was evident as they failed me in a big way last week. The Chiefs will bounce back from their first loss last week and take care of business before regrouping to hand Denver their THIRD loss of the season next week.

Pats +2.5: Peyton can't play in New England, he can't play in November, he can't play in this weather and he can't play against TOM. Those are all known facts. It is preposterous to think the Tom Brady Patriots could ever be home dogs. It isn't right.
**Also, "Big Atmosphere Welker" will have a key drop (if he don't get hurt first). I will see to that

Cowboys/Giants O (44): It's anyone's guess as to who wins this game, but 1 thing I know for sure is points will be plentiful. Both these teams are garbage and can't stay focused for 60 minutes.

Broncos/Pats O (53): This thing's going over

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